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Getting Started with School Marketing

If the School Marketing Manager is doubtful about taking the leap, could I suggest you do, but do so in a considered way. Little successes will lead to greater results.

A warning note: Not everyone is a gifted marketer. Most people will need to learn from others' experiences. The School Marketing Manager needs a good school marketing book , along with experienced school marketing people, as well as those interested in making school marketing successful!

The School Marketing Hints and Tips on this website give a good starting point but considerably more detail and support is necessary!

The School Marketing Managers need to surround themselves with other positive school marketing supporters and school marketing managers from other like-minded schools.

Written by Bryan Foster

Hints & Tips

A top tool - Word of Mouth

A top way to market your school or church is by Word of Mouth! Let's keep it simple. From my..
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Research, Preparation and Quality Implementation

School and church marketing now more than ever needs to be well researched, well prepared and ve..
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AAA - Advertising Advantage for Administrators

The AAA is essential for all those marketing the school. The Advertising Advantage for Administr..
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Photos! Photos! Photos!

“A photo tells a thousand words” GOOD PHOTOS ARE CRITICAL FOR SUCCESS! Never h..
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A School Marketing Plan

Each School Marketing Plan should be based on 7 Key Strategies: 1. Define what you have to offe..
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'Chatting' - Why?

Benefits of ‘Chatting’ Below is an extract of the key points on the benefits of &ls..
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