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Jesinta Campbell Miss Universe Congeniality 2010 - Famous Past Students to Promote School

Jesinta Campbell, Miss Universe Congeniality 2010, Miss Universe Australia 2010, was an outstanding School Captain and genuine, concerned, student leader at Aquinas College in 2008. Her dream of a journalism degree at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia, was placed on hold, while Jesinta pursued a short term modelling career, which after only just over a year saw her crowned Miss Universe Congeniality 2010.

Jesinta happily allowed her old school, Aquinas College, Gold Coast, to use her in their promotions. She also visited the school, spoke of her enjoyment through the years as a student and of her understanding of what leadership and striving for personal dreams is all about.

Jesinta Campbell certainly typified what her old school, Aquinas College, espoused forthrightly!

(Photo: Jesinta Campbell with Bryan Foster at Aquinas College.)

Written by Bryan Foster. Copyright - SMAPL.

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