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Family Love - the Greatest and Strongest Love of All

Family love is the most significant form of love! A loving family is the strongest unit within both civilised and tribal groups alike. Family love needs to be nurtured, supported and more

Love and Forgiveness - Essential for True Love!!!

Love and Forgiveness are both essential for True Love!!! Most people find forgiveness the most difficult aspect of love. To forgive others and to be forgiven ourselves is quite a challenging more

Love One Another as I Have Loved You

Never has a greater commandment been uttered to assist people in their relationships with one another. Whether it is taken in its true context, or whether it is taken as one person’s more

Love is Giving – Australian Mateship Wins Out in Flood Covered Queensland

Love is Giving - this is especially shown this month through the quality of Australian mateship, as displayed throughout flood covered Queensland. Floods have literally covered three-quarters of more

God is Love. Love is the Meaning of Life. God is the Meaning of Life.

God is Love. Love is the meaning of life. God is the meaning of life. My most euphoric experience of God started in tears of absolute love back in my 20s. It has only deepened since. In my mid more

The Love of Priests and Pastors for Their Communities

Listening to both the Gospel of Jesus being baptized by John the Baptist and the accompanying Homily by Fr Jason Middleton today, highlighted for me once again the love of the priests and pastors for more

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Bryan Foster, Author / Director / Teacher
Great Developments Publishers
Aldrin Avenue, Benowa
Queensland, Australia 4217

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A top tool - Word of Mouth

A top way to market your school or church is by Word of Mouth! Let's keep it simple. From my..
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Research, Preparation and Quality Implementation

School and church marketing now more than ever needs to be well researched, well prepared and ve..
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AAA - Advertising Advantage for Administrators

The AAA is essential for all those marketing the school. The Advertising Advantage for Administr..
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I have known Bryan Foster for over twenty years. Bryan is a committed and highly professional educator and administrator. In particular he has demonstrated great leadership in the area of school marketing and promotions. He has always been willing to..

David Hutton, Executive Director of Catholic Education - Archdiocese of Brisbane