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Why is the Media Silent on God?

The western media seems so caught up with the Post-Christian commentary, that it appears to believe that there is no God or at least no need for God!

Is this a case of the ‘intellectual elite’ believing their own personal beliefs are real and ignoring the reality of God?

Is it a case that most of the real open-minded, intellectual and passionate writers and commentators have felt pressured to remain silent?

“One could be forgiven for thinking that the media has finally lost the REAL plot,” said Bryan Foster, author of the newly published ‘ One God for All’ book.

Bryan Foster’s new hardcover and paperback explores the existence of the one and only God of the universe. He emphasises that there is only 1 God for all religions and existence.

“God has inspired me to get the message out. No matter how cynical the mainstream and social media and population may be, it is my duty from God to tell the Truth for what it is… a massive challenge for a more and more Godless, western world!”

“There is only 1 God. No religion has a monopoly on God. God loves all people equally.”

“Believing in this God, loving this God, and responding to this God’s messages, will lead to a more fulfilled, loving and successful world.”


Authorised by Bryan Foster, Author of ' One God for All' and Director at Great Developments Publishers, Gold Coast, Australia.

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Only 1 God for Everyone - New Book by Author Bryan Foster

Immediate Release

Bryan Foster, author and publisher, claims that there is only one God in the universe. He explores this in his new book ' One God for All' to be released this Friday.

"It has become very clear to me that there is only one God for everyone and every religion on this Earth," said Bryan Foster, author, religious leader and religion teacher.

"All the large religions of the world, i.e. over 70% of the population, speak of 1 God: God, Allah, Brahman and Yahweh. All this points to only one God who became known to various groups of people, at various places, at different times and for different reasons,throughout history."

The author shares 26 stories of his life's journey to show the development with God, which occurred for him.

"I think it is very important for us all to share our spiritual and religious stories. So many people and experiences impacted on me throughout my 59 years so far." 

"These may help others to see God in their lives and help them on their journey with God and others."


Authorised by Bryan Foster, Author of ' One God for All' and Director at 'Great Developments Publishers'.

Contact Bryan Foster at or on 61402168911.

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Gold Coast religious leader, teacher and author, and former surfer, Bryan Foster, claims that there is only one God for all people on this Earth.

"Through my academic studies and real life experiences, along with much prayer and discernment, I have come to the conclusion that it is the same God of all the universe for every person. No matter what religion they belong to..."

Bryan's new book ' One God for All' explores this now commonly held belief. This book will be released this week in hardcover and paperback format. 

The book also explores the author's life journey and includes 26 stories showing where God has been experienced intimately by the author over decades.

"Since I experienced God in a tear-filled moment of ecstasy on my 25th birthday, there have been numerous other experiences where I knew intimately that God was very close to me."

"Over the years, I have gained so much from other people's experiences with God, that I hope my experiences may help the reader in their discoveries of God, or of deepening these already developed personal experiences with God."

The final book's section explains various messages from God, which the author believes are a high priority for today's world.

"The final section in ' One God for All' includes God's special messages for today, including how God loves science, beauty, humour and the wilderness..."


Authorised by Bryan Foster, Author of ' One God for All' and Director of 'Great Developments Publishers'. 

Contact Bryan Foster at or on 61402168911.

New ' One God for All' Hardcover by Bryan Foster

November 15, 2016

Challenging and new, Gold Coast author and publisher Bryan Foster's ' One God for All' hardcover book is due to be released next week.

Be challenged to see a new paradigm for appreciating and understanding God and God's messages for today's world.

These new concepts will be explained in an easy to understand language. 

"For too long God's messages have been seen as being too complicated or confusing to appreciate fully. No longer," said Bryan Foster.

"The basic principle is that there is only one God. This is the same God for all religions."

God's messages are told through both the author's personal stories, as well as through those discerned from God.

"I learned so much from God, people and the world in general about who God is and what messages are important."

"This book shares these stories and beliefs. Hopefully, it will be of assistance to others in their search for God and God's messages for today."

Bryan Foster, author and publisher, is a religious church and school leader with 39 years experience teaching religion, mostly to secondary students. His master's degree is in Religious Education, Scripture and Theology.


Photos: Book cover and Author, Bryan Foster

Further details may be obtained by emailing Bryan Foster at  
Books website at

(Authorised by Bryan Foster, Author and Director, Great Developments Publishers, )

Bryan Foster, Author and Publisher

New School and Church Marketing Website


Great Developments Publishers is excited to announce their new website for all school and church marketing personnel - Bryan Foster Author: School and Church Marketing for the Digital Age.

Bryan Foster, author and company director of Great Developments Publishers, will continue to develop this new website so that it will be a strong supporting resource for marketers in this digital age.

"Both the marketing books offered as paperbacks and e-books, along with this new website, will continue to offer key proven strategies, which have been used successfully in the field to improve and support schools and churches," said Bryan Foster.

This new website combines the highly successful SMA (School Marketing) and CPM (Church Parish Marketing) websites. This allows for a more coordinated approach to the two marketing areas in which the author has been very successful.

"Placing these similar areas of marketing on the one website, allows for a more coordinted approach for each area, as well has allowing people in each distinct marketing region the opportunity to see what may also be of interest to them from the other marketing area."

School and Church Marketing Books by Bryan Foster at


The latest school and Church marketing publications by Bryan Foster are available from and other major internet book sellers.

The school and Church marketing manuals are easy to read and implement publications. These are written in a summarized point format, which takes away the need to troll through unwanted pages of unnecessary 'waffle'.

"I particularly aimed to produce easy-to-read point summaries, which the marketing personnel could easily apply to their particular circumstance," said Bryan Foster, author.

These books are based on Bryan's personal experience as a leader within the local Church, school and business communities. His extensive experience includes roles as school principal, deanery pastoral council chairman and company director.

"Each strategy and example has successfully worked in the field."

The 'School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)', 2011, along with the 'Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)', 2011, are available as both paperback and e-books from Amazon. Other major internet book sellers also sell the paperback versions of these books.

True Love Articles

Articles about True Love are now an integral part of the SCM: School Church Marketing website.

These articles form the basis of the new book currently being written by Bryan Foster.

"As I develop this new, yet to be titled book, the intention is to publish articles which highlight key themes within the book," said Bryan Foster, author.

"These articles will offer a depth of content, and subsequent personal challenge, which hopefully will inspire its readers."

The first THIRTEEN (13) published articles are:
  1. Family Love - the Greatest and Strongest Human Love of All
  2. Love and Forgiveness - Essential for True Love
  3. Love Changes All
  4. God is Love. Love is the Meaning of Life. God is the Meaning of Life
  5. Love is Social Justice for All 
  6. Love is the Meaning of LIfe - Human Frailties Get in the Way
  7. Love is Celebrating the Success of Others
  8. The Love of Priests and Pastors for Their Communities
  9. Love Through a Natural Oceanic Experience
  10. There is a God - Through a 25th Birthday Personal Experience
  11. There is a God - Through the Two Perspectives of Faith and the Historical / Cultural / Lived Experiences
  12. Love One Another as I Have Loved You
  13. Love is Giving - Australian Mateship Wins Out in Flood Covered Queensland

This is a new direction for this author, yet one which is a good transition. Bryan Foster's previous e-books have concentrated on marketing the Church and schools associated with the Church.

Since a major spiritual experience on Bryan's 25th birthday, he has wanted to write of these and other loving experiences.

"As most people will attest, often these dreams take a long time to eventuate. But my intension is to be true to the topic and develop the text as soon as possible."

New Church Marketing Book to Help Get People Back to Church


 (Father Dan Ryan, former Surfers Paradise Parish Priest, Sonya Slayter Parish Administrator and Bryan Foster, Author, with the newly published e-book which the Surfers Paradise Parish bought 10 copies of for their Parish Pastoral Councillors.)

A new church marketing book offers ways to help attract people back to churches. The Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed) 2011 by Bryan Foster from the Gold Coast offers over 304 8"x10" pages of strategies and examples to help parish personnel. It is available as both a paperback and as an e-book.

Fr Dan Ryan, Parish Priest of the Surfers Paradise Parish, has just purchased 10 copies for his Parish Pastoral Councillors.

“I find Bryan Foster’s new book will help considerably with marketing our Catholic parishes in the modern world. I am especially drawn to the chapters on Parish – School relationships and the uses of the internet, in particular the parish website,” said Fr Dan Ryan, Parish Priest.

“The Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed) book will be a highly valued resource within the Surfers Paradise Parish.”

Sonya Slayter, Parish Administrator of the Surfers Paradise Parish, is excited about the possibilities this book offers her parish.

“When I first read Bryan Foster’s e-book a month ago, I became very excited about the possibilities it offered. The book I believe holds the key to improving many of our parish communication mediums,” said Sonya Slayter, Parish Administrator.

“From relationships with our schools to communicating with our parishioners through to web design and blogs, this book gives strategies for growth opportunities within our parish.”

The ‘Internet Applications’ chapter uses internet images and live weblinks to support the strategies and examples discussed. This simplifies the implementation process.

“The book is written in easy to read and implement summarised note form. Twenty years of marketing experience within the Church have gone into this publication to assist our parishes with this often challenging task,” said Bryan Foster, author.

Bryan has also concentrated on other contemporary and traditional marketing strategies that have proven to be successful over the recent years.

“I would highly recommend this book to other parishes as a tool which could be used in groups or by the Parish Priest or Parish Administrator” said Sonya Slater, Parish Administrator.

“I would like to thank Bryan for investing his time in such a valuable resource for parish life.”

The e-book version can be easily downloaded from the internet at Bryan’s school and church marketing website.

2011 PAPERBACK 'Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)' at CreateSpace by Amazon

CreateSpace, a division of, has just listed for sale the 2011 PAPERBACK edition of the Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed), by Bryan Foster.

This is an updated version of the popular e-book of the same title and edition.

“The 8"x10" paperback edition of the school marketing manual will very much benefit Church marketing personnel. It is a how-to of Church marketing and covers the major school marketing topics through abbreviated step-by-step instructions,” said Bryan Foster, author.

The new 300 page paperback is available at the SECURE CreateSpace by website. It is written in a unique, summarized, point format.

The paperback is an excellent companion to the e-book. The e-book has an outstanding number of direct internet links and this paperback edition has all the benefits of a hardcopy book in your hands. The e-book is available on this website at the CPM: Church Parish Marketing Online Shop.

“The combination of the digital with other highly successful contemporary and traditional marketing strategies, samples and examples make this paperback, Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2011, an easy to read and implement hands-on option.”

PAPERBACK Edition of School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed), 2011, by Bryan Foster - A

CreateSpace, a division of, has just listed for sale the 2011 PAPERBACK edition of the School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed), by Bryan Foster.

This is an updated version of the popular e-book of the same title and edition.

“The 8"x10" paperback edition of the school marketing manual will very much benefit the school marketing professional. It is a how-to of school marketing and covers the major school marketing topics through abbreviated step-by-step instructions,” said Bryan Foster, author.

The new 340 page paperback is available at the secure CreateSpace by website. It is written in a unique, summarized, point format.

The paperback is an excellent companion to the e-book. The e-book has an outstanding number of direct internet links and this paperback edition has all the benefits of a hardcopy book in your hands. The e-book is available on this website at the SMA: School marketing Online Shop.

“The combination of the digital with other highly successful contemporary and traditional marketing strategies, samples and examples make this paperback, School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2011, an easy to read and implement hands-on option.”

School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2011 Paperback Edition - Release Date - April

The ‘School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3nd ed), 2011, by Bryan Foster, will be offered as a paperback in April this year.

While It will initially be available from and various other internet online shops and companies affiliated with, this school marketing manual will still be available in the e-book format from both as a Kindle e-book, as well as in the A4 pdf format from Bryan Foster's SMA: School Marketing website.

"I am very proud to be associated with the company through the production and worldwide distribution of this school marketing paperback publication," said Bryan Foster, author.

The author has been marketing for 20 years within the Catholic Church in both the school and Church spheres. He is also the Director of his own Great Publications Pty Ltd (Publication Company).

"These twenty years marketing experience have been essential background for this hands-on, easy to read and implement paperback."

CreateSpace, an company, is in the process of converting the e-book into the paperback format. There will be a number of improvements to the present e-book format. The cover, along with the internal layout and presentation will be improved, and the page size will become an industry standard for non-fiction sized paperbacks of 8” x 10” version.

"The improvements have added considerably to both the content format and accessibility for the reader. I believe that this will be a most valuable asset for the school marketing professional."

The 'School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3nd ed)', 2011, will be joined by the 'Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)', 2011, for the April release.

Great Developments Pty Ltd Name Change for 'SMA: School Marketing' Website Owner

Great Developments Pty Ltd is the new name for the School Marketing Australia Pty Ltd company, owners of the 'SMA: School Marketing' website.

Bryan Foster, Author and Company Director, said that the previous name was too restrictive, especially considering the high international profile now achieved.

"Great Developments Pty Ltd is a more appropriate name for this international publishing company, which provides e-books, and soon to be paperbacks, throughout the world," said Bryan Foster.

The new company name also allows for a higher profile when providing a wider selection of e-books and books.

"I am currently writing a new book on true love and relationships, which is quite different to the marketing schools e-books. The company also currently provides Church Marketing e-books and the 'CPM: Church Parish Marketing' website."

"The new company name, Great Developments Pty Ltd, will help broaden the company's appeal."

New Zealand Catholic Education Office CEO Pat Lynch, Supports Bryan Foster's School Marketing Manual

Mr Pat Lynch, Chief Executive Officer, New Zealand Catholic Education Office, announced the NZCEO's support of the two school marketing e-books by Bryan Foster.

"The New Zealand Catholic Education Office is happy to support the named Bryan Foster publications:
  • School Marketing Manual For The Digital Age(3rd ed)
  • School Marketing e-Handbook: Easy To Use Guide To Market Your School (2nd ed)," said Mr Pat Lynch, CEO NZCEO.
Mr Lynch highlighted how these e-books are excellent resources for key personnel within schools.

"These two resources have excellent guidance and advice for principals and school trustees who wish to be active in promoting their school to their own community and in the wider community."

The very well received 'School Marketing Manual For The Digital Age (3rd ed)' was published this year and is the next edition of the highly popular 'School Marketing e-Handbook: Easy To Use Guide To Market Your School (2nd ed) published last year.

Jesinta Campbell, Miss Universe Congeniality 2010, Supports the School She Captained in 2008

Jesinta Campbell, Miss Universe Congeniality 2010 and Miss Universe Australia 2010, is a classic example of a past student of a college / school supporting her old educational institute and allowing it to focus on her success and community appeal, to promote itself and the values for which it stands.

"Jesinta Campbell was an outstanding School Captain and genuinely, concerned, student leader at Aquinas College in 2008. Her dream of a journalism degree at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia, was placed on hold, while Jesinta pursued a short term modelling career in Sydney,"  said Bryan Foster, Jesinta's former Assistant Principal at Aquinas College.

After just over a year, Jesinta was crowned Miss Universe Congeniality 2010. She had previously been named Miss Universe Australia this year.

Jesinta happily allowed her old school, Aquinas College, Gold Coast, to use her in their promotions. She also visited the school and spoke of her enjoyment through the years as a student. Jesinta met with the student leaders and explained her understanding of what leadership and striving for personal dreams was all about.

"Jesinta Campbell certainly typified what her former school, Aquinas College, espouses forthrightly!"

(Photo: Jesinta Campbell with Bryan Foster at Aquinas College.)

School Marketing e-Books on

Bryan Foster this week uploaded his five marketing e-books to, the largest seller of books via the internet in the world. Readers do not even need an Amazon Kindle reading device to download and read the e-books!!!

These books will now be available to read on normal PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad or Blackberry devices. This now opens the market for a much larger readership for these well received marketing e-books.

"Your purchase will be sent automatically to your iPhone, PC, Mac, iPad, or BlackBerry device." ( website)

The e-books available through include the recently published 'School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)', 2010, 369 A4 pages, as well as its predecessor, the second edition of this e-book, the 'School Marketing e-Handbook: Easy to Use Guide to Market the School (2nd ed)', 2009, 190 A4 pages.

For those interested in dealing directly with the author, the books are still available on the SMA website.

"This is a special moment on the timeline of my e-book development. To be able to access a worldwide audience through the world's largest seller of books, will only enhance the offerings found in these marketing manuals and strategy books," said Bryan Foster, author and publisher.

"As a marketing e-book author, this option is a marketing opportunity I needed to engage with as one of my espoused marketing methods."

Ezine Articles - Bryan Foster Named a Platinum Expert Author

Bryan Foster has just been named a Platinum Expert Author on the specialized article publication website, Ezine. His topics on this website vary across quite a broad range of areas - from marketing for professionals, businesses, community groups and religions, to necessary media skills for interviews particularly when confronted with difficult questions or issues, to the place of social networking sites for churches, the place of e-books in this digital age, to the importance of the marketing plan to any organization.

So far Bryan has had 20 articles published by Ezine - including the very popular 'Good Marketing Evaluation Practices Getting Lost in Today's Digital Age'. There are also a number of specialized media interview topics, including:
  • Managing Media Interviews - 6 Key Areas
  • Difficult Media Question During an Interview - A Response Method
  • A Difficult Media Interview - Hints and Tips
  • Photojournalists Important to Professional and Business Success
Other specialized areas include the areas of Love and God. Such topics include:
  • God is Love and Love is the Meaning of Life
  • Love and Forgiveness - The Most Difficult Aspect of True Love
  • Is There a God - Through a Personal Experience Perspective?
  • Love is the Meaning of Life - Why Let Other Distractions Take Over?
The school, church and parish marketing plans and strategies are also specifically explored through articles, including 'Make the School Marketing Budget a Necessary Part of Any School Marketing Plan' and 'Social Networking Websites Needed for Churches and Parishes'.

Bryan's  five e-books form the knowledge base for another, 'E-Books a Necessary Marketing Strategy in the Digital Age'.

"I very much enjoyed writing these articles and am honoured to have this status bestowed," said Bryan Foster author of School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2010, a 369 A4 paged e-book available on this website.

"I hope readers to the website will gain from the insight offered."

Bryan Foster has been marketing within the Catholic Church and schools for twenty years. He brings a wealth of experience and ideas with a major contemporary slant for this digital age.

'Catholic Leader' Newspaper Features Bryan Foster's Marketing e-Book

e Catholic Leader newspaper has a story featuring the newly published Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed) 2010 by Bryan Foster. This is the counterpart to the more detailed School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2010 by Bryan Foster.

The school marketing ebook consists of 369 A4 pages, while the church marketing ebook consists of 329 A4 pages, both written in an easy to read key-point style.

The story highlights the benefit of this e-book to parishes.

Surfers Paradise Parish Parish Priest, Fr Dan Ryan, and his Parish Administrator, Sonya Slayter, both espoused the benefits of the e-book for their parish and the wider Church.

"It is wonderful to see a key media outlet, The Catholic Leader newspaper, highlight this newly published e-book," said Bryan Foster, author.

"Fr Dan Ryan and Sonya Slayter saw the benefit of this church marketing e-book for helping to get people back to their parish, and to keep present parishioners informed, that they purchased 10 copies for their parish leaders - the parish pastoral councillors."

Photo in story: Bryan Foster, author (standing), shows Fr Dan Ryan PP and Sonya Slayter Parish Administrator of the Surfers Paradise Parish his new e-book for church marketing.

The School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2010 and the Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed) 2010 both written by Bryan Foster are available at both the SMA School Marketing and the  CPM Church Parish Marketing websites.

St Mary's Goondiwindi Visit

Bryan Foster recently returned to St Mary's School, Goondiwindi, a country school of which he was the first lay principal in the 1980s. Bryan met with Paul Ryan the present principal. He also toured the school grounds and facilities.

"Paul Ryan is doing a wonderful job as principal. There is a real positive feel about the school. There are also a number of necessary expansions being undertaken by Paul in this thriving school community," said Bryan Foster, Author of 'School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)', 2010.

This is the educational setting where Bryan started to develop his school marketing principles and strategies.

"The basic school marketing startegies back in the 1980s revolved around the success of the community's word-of-mouth support, the school and parish newsletters and the local newspaper."

"The community's word-of-mouth support is still critical to this day for all school marketing personnel. The challenge is how to keep the community informed and supportive."

Bryan was also able to meet with Fr Michael O'Brien PP of St Mary's Parish Goondiwindi.

"An enjoyable chat occurred in St Mary's Church while Fr Michael O'Brien rehearsed students from St Mary's School, the local parish school, for their Easter ceremony. Each person at this Sunday afternoon practice was very much enjoying the experience."

The contryside around Goondiwindi, which is 4.5 hours from the east coast of Australia, was showing the positive signs of a drought-break following major flooding in western and southern Queensland.

Photo above shows Paul Ryan, Principal St Mary's School, Goondiwindi, with Bryan Foster, first lay principal of St Mary's School.

School Marketing Blog Posts e-Book by Bryan Foster Released this Month

The compilation of blog posts, primarily from this SMA website as well as from the CPM website, was released this month.

"Over 100 blog posts for my first year of blogging were released this month as an e-Book," said Bryan Foster, author.

The 'School & Church Marketing Blog Posts: My First 100+' 2010 e-Book comprises blog posts covering a year of blogging for Bryan Foster.

"These 100+ blog posts, as well as from the SMA and CPM websites, are also from my Blogger, WordPress and LinkedIn blog sites."

The primary topics are those revolving around school and church marketing.

" The blog topics are based on the themes from my four e-Books released over the past year and a bit."

"The latest topics come from the 'School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)' 2010 and 'Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed)' 2010 both just released."

The other two main e-Books covered are the 'School Marketing e-Handbook: Easy to Use Guide to Market Your School (2nd ed)' 2009 and the 'Church Parish Marketing e-Handbook: Easy to Use Guide to Market Your Church Parish Deanery 2009.'

Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed) by Bryan Foster Released this Month

The Church Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (2nd ed) 2010 by Bryan Foster was released this month, February, on the CPM website.

This 300+ page e-book includes an over 80 page chapter devoted to the Internet Applications for church marketing in the digital age.

Over 130 live weblinks are used throughout the text. Readers have the option of linking live to these sites when they use their electronic version of the e-book on an internet linked computer.

There are over 60 screenshots of various internet webites to assist with a better appreciation of all the internet has to offer church marketing.

"To have been able to include such a comprehensive coverage of necessary digital marketing tools for the church marketer has been a most enjoyable experience," said Bryan Foster, author.

"The digital tools have been combined with the other necessary contemporary and traditional methods to give a well balanced approach to church marketing."

New 2010 'School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed)' Released Tonight

The School Marketing Manual for the Digital Age (3rd ed) 2010 by Bryan Foster was released on the SMA website tonight.

"This 350+ A4 paged edition is 80% longer than last year's School Marketing e-Handbook: Easy to Use Guide to Market Your School (2nd ed) 2009," said author, Bryan Foster.

The Internet Application chapter is an additional and significant aspect of this new edition.

"Over 100 pages are devoted to the internet digital world for school marketing, including over 80 internet screenshots and 130+ live weblinks."

Various aspects of internet applicatons, including advances for the school website, social networking uses, chat room uses, the e/i-newsletter / flyer / brochure and Skype, etc, are explored.

" I believe that the Instructions on how best to use these and so many other successful contemporary and traditional methods for school marketing is a true strength of this e-book."

"It is an easy to read, summarised, point formatted manual, which is aimed at the busy school marketing professional."

School Awards' Night Key School Marketing Opportunity

Bryan Foster announced the major recipients of the special awards at his recent school Night of Excellence. He firmly believes in these nights being of exceptional worth to the School Marketing Plan of any school.

"The School Awards Night / Night of Excellence is a classic opportunity to market your school," said Bryan Foster, Marketing Manager, Aquinas College.

"I thoroughly enjoyed taking an active announcing role in the recent College Awards night at the city's Arts Centre."

Bryan has previously organised this night at Aquinas College, as well as being the night's MC.

"The school's awards night allows the school to showcase many of the outstanding aspects within the local school community," emphasised Bryan Foster. 

Google Books Feature 'School Marketing e-Handbook..." by Bryan Foster

Google Books, the world's largest search engine's publication of quality books, has this month added the Bryan Foster publication, "School Marketing e-Handbook: Easy to Use Guide the Market Your School" to its collection.

This collection item may be viewed at 

"It is very pleasing to see that Google Books has published this notification on their renowned site," said Bryan Foster, author and publisher.

"Now many people may have access to the style and content of this valuable school marketing e-handbook."

American Express Joins School Marketing e-Handbook

American Express, the internationally recognised and used financial organisation, is now linked to the School Marketing e-Handbook website.

"You may now securely purchase various items from this website using the world renowned American Express at no extra cost to the consumer," said Mr Bryan Foster, author and director.

American Express joins Visa, Mastercard and PayPal as financial providers for purchases of  School Marketing e-Handbook  written by Bryan Foster.

Currency Converters aid School Marketing Website

New currency converters for the conversion to US Dollars (USD), European Euros (EUR) and New Zealand Dollars (NZD) are now an integral part of the School Marketing website.

"These converters are a very welcome addition and may be found at the lower section of each item in the School Marketing Online Shop," said Bryan Foster, author and website administrator.

"The converters may also be found in each item's description webpage found by clicking on the item in the School Marketing Online Shop."

Difficult Economic Times Need Outstanding School Marketing

"In these difficult economic times we need to market our schools in an outstanding way," said Mr Bryan Foster.

We find ourselves questioning our whole School Marketing Plan (SMP) and School Marketing Budget (SMB) in these tough economic times. 

"Many schools are losing enrolments due to families being unable to pay the fees and expenses. Our budgets overall are sufffering from smaller enrolments."

It is in these times that we need to look seriously at our SMB and SMP. If we cut back on the SMB fewer people will hear or read about what our school has to offer. This is turn will lead to even less enrolments.

"We need to maintain our budgets at levels which allow the desired number of people to be engaged with being informed successfully with what we have to offer. Our SMP needs to be reworked in this light."
Have your say at our School Marketing BLOG.

Imperical Evidence for School Marketing

There is now imperical evidence to strongly suggest that a good school marketingbudget will help improve enrolment numbers in the first year level of that school. Mr Bryan Foster has reviewed the evidence for the past six years at his school. This evidence showed this to be true in his high school's case.

"After reviewing the evidence, it was clear that the enrolment numbers for the first year of high school were either maintained or improved when there were sufficient funds diverted to marketing our school," said Mr Bryan Foster.

"However, the opposite was also the case. Enrolment numbers in the first year of high school dropped when less funds were used for school marketing. A good improvement followed a good increase in funding back to the original level."  (Thoughts? Go to our School Marketing Blog)

Media Advantage for School marketing

School marketing personnel should not fear the media.

It is acknowledged that trepidation is often felt about certain aspects of dealing with the media, especially by those new to the experience.

Knowing how to use all forms of the media to the school’s advantage, as well as how best to school market through the media is a challenge.

These days schools need to use as many forms of the media as possible. Many are relatively free, especially the social networking websites, web blogs and the school's own website.

The paid forms of media for school marketing can also have a free component, eg the news item on television and in the print media. However, advertising in these forms of the media will cost.

Guidance is needed. Being in regular contact with various experienced school marketing people: personally, through school marketing blogs or groups, is a necessary advantage.

Having an easy to read and use text handy is also a huge advantage. A text, such as: 'School Marketing e-Handbook: Easy to Use Guide to Market Your School' by Bryan Foster, which is written in easy to read summarised form and assists with the 'how to' as well as the 'what is it?' of school marketing, is very advanatageous. This texts assists with all aspects of marketing the school, but devotes considerable information to dealing with the media and various media productions.

New Easy to Use School Marketing Handbook

Mr David Hutton, Executive Director Catholic Education, Archdiocese of Brisbane, holds the first printed copy of the 'School Marketing Handbook: Easy to Use Guide to Market Your School' and congratulates Mr Bryan Foster, author, on its publication. 

"Bryan is a committed and highly professional educator and administrator. In particular he has demonstrated great leadership in the area of school marketing and promotions," said Mr Hutton, Executive Director Brisbane Catholic Education.

Radio Advertising huge School Marketing Success

The school marketing Open Day and Arts Precinct Opening campaign at Aquinas College Southport began with a solid week's radio advertising.

"This week a new building, along with upgraded facilities, was opened as part of the school's Open Day program. Heavy promotions in the various media and beyond are occurred," said Bryan Foster, Marketing Manager, Aquinas College.

The new facility is a major Arts Precinct and will be the emphasis for the school marketing plan. Many millions of dollars were invested in the building project hence the school marketing plan needed to promote both the success of the building as well as the amount of time and money expended.

"Thousand of dollars was invested in the school marketing plan for the week. It included radio and newspaper advertising and editorial."

The school's website had prime coverage of the event and all the local feeder school's and parishes ran promotional flyers in their newsletters. The local feeder schools have also just concluded their visitations by the principal, key staff and senior students.

"The school marketing budget for major school events / improvements needs to be indicative of the high regard each is placed within the school community."

School Marketing and the Television News Item

Saturday, September 19, 2009
Television is still a most powerful form of school marketing, even when surrounded by so much internet and other electronic options.

A brilliant example is this Channel 9 NEWS item for my school: ch9gc_aqwizard_web.wmv . (Click on the previous link to view.)

It is imperative that a good relationship exists with the various media outlets so as to gain in such a way.

School marketing and the television news item are very powerful school marketing forms.

School marketing e-Handbook... by Bryan Foster

Saturday, September 05, 2009
The School Marketing e-Handbook  by Bryan Foster is a summarised 180+ A4 pages of easy-to-use school marketing suggestions, including many step-by-step procedures, which help to make school marketing a more enjoyable and successful professional experience.

This school marketing e-handbook would be a welcome addition to any school marketing manager's work space. 

Bryan Foster  wrote this e-handbook as a result of almost 20 years of school marketing both elementary / primary schools and high schools.

Being a school marketing e-handbook downloadable from this website makes it an instantaneous read. You may like to save it on your computer, copy it to a disc or print it in an A4 book format - the choice is yours!

The School Marketing e-Handbook by Bryan Foster is written in easy to use summarised language to help make your school marketing a successful experience.


Professional golfer Terry Price donated his services to promote the recent Aquinas College Golf Day.

"Having Terry on the course created enormous interest. Competitors lined up for photographs and chats throughout the day," said Mr Bryan Foster, author of "School Marketing e-Handbook...".

Terry raised funds on a Par 3 hole by taking the shot for cashed up players.

He also presented the trophies and mixed socially with players and families after the event.

"All in all a thoroughly enjoyable day was had by all present. The funds raised will go to the football and netball teams which travel to competitions in the June holiday break."

'Workplace of the Day' Radio Promotional Success

As part of the Open Day school marketing plan, Aquinas College used a local radio staion's 'Workplace of the Day' segment to highlight the school.

"This promotion was a raging success and may be listened to on the Aquinas College website," said Bryan Foster, Aquinas College Marketing Manager.

Key staff involved primarily involved with the College's new Arts Precinct and the School of Excellence for Sport, the College's main focus this year, were 'let loose' with the radio announcer. A very humorous exchange occurred. Pre-briefing discussions between the staff and Bryan Foster were essential for success.

"The humour played a major role in the success of this venture."

"This may not be every school's style of promotion but it sits well within the marketing sphere of the Gold Coast Australia, the holiday capital of the nation."

"However, don't forget the power of the radio promotions for school marketing!!!"

You Tube - an Integral Aspect of School Marketing

You Tube plays an integral part in this website. Schools need to embrace this technology.

Two recordings composed by this school marketing website creator, Bryan Foster, were uploaded to You Tube and then embedded into this website.

"You Tube plays an intregral part with school marketing in the 21st century," said school marketing website creator and author, Bryan Foster.

"We need to embrace this technology and use it to the school's best interest."

This school marketing website has You Tube now featured on the school marketing homepage and school marketing about us page.

New Australia Photobook Series Just Released

Ten photobooks highlighting the uniqueness of the Northern Territory of Australia have been released by Bryan and Karen Foster.

These unaltered, authentic, photographic books begin the journey at the heart of Australia, Uluru, and journey northwards. Each book displays the spectacular raw beauty of each region within the Territory.

The authors travelled throughout this vast continent last year and recorded some magnificent and unique pictorial images.

Each book is 62-64 pages, (except one unforgettable sunset at uluru of 50 pages). Minimal yet essential text supports the images.

The books are available though Amazon, Apple and Blurb.

See each page of each edition at Blurb by searching the authors' names.


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